TP Weights 5 Performance System

The TP Weights 5 Performance System is revolutionizing the sport of Tennis. This training system is the only one of its kind in the world. The basic areas that a Tennis Player wants to improve, is the forehand, backhand and serve. The TP Weights 5 Performance System is a product that addresses all these areas. From Beginners to Professionals. No longer does a player have to have poor strength and low endurance.

TheTP Weights 5 is a revolutionary way to strengthen their forehand, backhand and serve. Expeditiously as well as increasing endurance, by working out with the TP Weights 5 Performance System. TP Weight 5 addresses the need for increase performance in a very Natural, Organic and Simplistic approach. The foundational element that puts the demand on a player to get better Physically, is resistance. TP Weights 5 allows for this thru the ability to add resistance to your Tennis swing. Thus demanding a higher level of effort and increasing your performance.

The TP Weights 5 system engages a Tennis Players muscles in natural Tennis movements. This method of training allows for you to call upon all the major and minor muscles in the arms, back, neck and abdomen, that are used in Tennis and are necessary to engage, to increase performance. Engaging the muscles to work in tandem is much more beneficial then just static weight lifting, and generally only challenge an isolated group of muscles.

The TP Weights 5 approach is much more effective. All of the muscles used for backhand, forehand and serve are trained in tandem, and in proportion.

One of the unique attributes of the TP Weights 5 System is that the levels of resistance are fully customizable. So no matter what your level is, The TP Weights 5 System is able to start where you are and grow with you! So if you are training or want to start training to be a better Tennis Player. Wether armature or Pro, and want to maximize your performance in Backhand, Forehand and Serves, as well as endurance. With a system that enhances thru Natural Organic Tennis movements. Then you need to try the TP Weights 5 Performance System.